Cost of Restylane Sub Q Treatments

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As with the majority of cosmetic procedures, the cost of Restylane Sub Q varies depending on the area treated and what you personally wish to get from the treatment. In order to get an accurate cost for your treatment it is important that you see the practitioner for a pre- treatment consultation. This will allow a thorough assessment of certain factors that determine the price of your treatment, such as how much of the Restylane Sub Q product will be needed and how long the treatment will take.

Why Costs of Restylane Sub Q Treatments Vary

The cost of treatment with Restylane Sub Q can vary greatly based on a number of factors. One of the key reasons for which the price can be anything between £500 and £1200 is that different treatments require a different amount of the actual product. For example, if you wish to have a complete remodelling of the face as well as very deep lines filled, then it makes sense that you will require a substantial amount more product than a treatment that just plumps the lips.

This not only varies from treatment to treatment but also from patient to patient. The factors that affect this include:

  • The area to be treated
  • The severity of your problem
  • The results that you expect
  • The results that the practitioner wishes to deliver
  • If a combination of treatments is required

Another factor that can affect the price of treatment with Restylane Sub Q is the practitioner themselves. Practitioners who have a good reputation and several years of experience may charge more than practitioners who have not been using Restylane Sub Q for long. However you should never assume that because a practitioner is charging the top rates that they are going to provide better results. It is important that you make an educated judgement when it comes to individual practitioners and whether they provide the best quality treatments for a reasonable price.

Pre- treatment or post- treatment care can also cause the price of treatments to vary. Some practitioners offer the pre- treatment consultation free of charge, whereas others charge around £100 for the consultation. You should call the clinic before booking the consultation to find out how much it will cost. Some surgeons will charge a fee for the consultation initially but will deduct this from the cost of treatment once you have decided to use them. You should also find out about the post- treatment care offered by the practitioner and how much this costs. Most practitioners will give you a follow up consultation around two weeks after your treatment. This may be offered free of charge, however other practitioners will charge you for this consultation and it is important that you are aware of this cost before opting to undergo treatment with Restylane Sub Q.

One of the great things about hyaluronic acid treatments such as Restylane Sub Q is that if you do want, or cannot afford, to carry on with the treatments over the course of a few years then there are no permanent affects or traces. The hyaluronic acid will just naturally break down over the recommended duration period, just as it does in the skin over time, eventually leaving you with the appearance you had before the treatment.

Special Offers and Bargain Treatments

You should always be very weary of clinics and practitioners who offer bargain treatments with Restylane Sub Q. Although it is possible to undergo a relatively cheap treatment successfully, people who offer Restylane Sub Q treatments much cheaper than other practitioners may be compromising on the quality of the treatment. This could lead to great expense as you will require corrective procedures should the treatment go wrong.

Some practitioners will do special offers if you pre- book a course of treatments with Restylane Sub Q. Whilst this can be cost effective and save you quite a lot of money compared with paying for individual treatments you should try the treatment once before buying a course of treatments. You may not be happy with the results of your treatment and if this is the case would not wish to undergo the future treatments that you have paid for. The result of Restylane Sub Q can last for up to eighteen months so you may not require treatments as often as you initially expect.

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