Alternatives to Restylane Sub Q

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If you are unable to undergo treatment with Restylane Sub Q, or you decide that you do not wish to, it is still possible to gain the new, rejuvenated look that you are after. Below are a few alternatives that have proved popular with many people worldwide.

Skin Products Rather than Restylane Sub Q Dermal Fillers

If you are unable to afford cosmetic procedures such as Restylane Sub Q, you may wish to try shop brought skin products. Whilst these are nowhere near as effective as Restylane Sub Q they can produce results for a fraction of the cost. Products such as collagen face masks or lotions can help to maintain the levels of collagen in your skin to prevent the development of deeper lines and wrinkles.

If you are considering using skin products as an alternative to Restylane Sub Q, you should first do some research to find out which products are the most effective. Online forums can be helpful in this case as you will be able to see discussions between unbiased people about the pros and cons of different products. Prices of skin products can vary from less than £5 to more than £100 so it is important that you do not waste your money on unreliable products.

Although some skin products have been shown to have an effect, the results do require on-going use of the product, sometimes over a period of a few months. This will obviously be a lot cheaper, but the effects will be less dramatic and will require considerably more patience.

Mesotherapy instead of Restylane Sub Q Dermal Fillers

Mesotherapy is a process whereby vitamins are injected beneath the surface of your skin to improve its condition. This is not as effective as Restylane Sub Q in filling in areas of the skin. However it can improve your appearance by improving the tone and condition of your skin.

Vitamin injections nourish your skin and can cause it to become more hydrated. This can make it appear tighter and more flexible giving you a much more youthful appearance. It also improves the health of your skin making it appear fresh and healthy. Because of this it also reduces some signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles; however it is not as effective as Restylane Sub Q in doing so.

Mesotherapy will require a course of treatments although you will be able to see the results of one treatment straight away. This will involve treatments on a monthly basis, which can cause the cost to mount up, although the cost of each treatment is a lot less than that of Restylane Sub Q, starting at £50 per session.

Chemical Skin Peels rather than Restylane Sub Q Dermal Fillers

Chemical skin peels can provide longer lasting results than Restylane Sub Q and can somewhat reduce the appearance of deep lines. However they cannot fill in areas of the skin such as the cheeks or lips, which is one of the popular uses of the Restylane Sub Q treatments. Chemical skin peels can make your skin appear healthier and younger; however they can not be used to replace lost fat or water in your skin. However they can be used to give you a more youthful and healthy appearance and improve the condition of your skin. Chemical peels are much more aggressive than Restylane Sub Q and as a result can take much longer to recover from. However they can produce longer- lasting results that improve the overall appearance of your skin rather than focusing on one specific treatment area.

Alternative Dermal Fillers to Restylane Sub Q

Restylane Sub Q is one of many brands of dermal filler. Therefore you may be able to undergo treatment with an alternative dermal filler rather than Restylane Sub Q. There are other fillers in the Restylane range, which could be effective in filling out less severe problems than Restylane Sub Q is needed for, these include;

  • Restylane – This product can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands and is recommended for use of the elimination of moderate wrinkles and filling of the lips.
  • Restylane Perlane – this product can be used for the plumping of the lips, deep lines or furrows in the face and facial contouring.
  • Restylane Touch – This is the most sensitive of the Restylane range as it has the smallest gel particles. It is used to fill superficial, fine lines in the skin.
  • Restylane Lipp – Although many of the Restylane products can be used on the lips, this product is designed specifically for an easier and more pain free lip plumping procedure.
  • Restylane Vital and Vital Light – This product can also be used on the face, neck, chest and hands areas and its main aim is a hydration of the skin, used in combination with mesotherapy.

There are also other options when it comes to the type of dermal filler that you wish to use. For example collagen dermal fillers can be used to fill some lines and areas of your face and the results can be longer lasting as it can promote the production of natural collagen in your body. Other dermal fillers can be cheaper than Restylane Sub Q so it may be worth talking to your practitioner about cheaper options if you are concerned about the costs.

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