How Common are Anogenital Warts?

Anogenital warts very common across the globe, coming second only after Chlamydia. The infection is most common in sexually active young adults, the most common age being slightly younger for females than males. The commonness of the infection is largely due to its highly contagious state. Skin to skin contact can lead to an infection, even if you do not have sexual intercourse.

Ages most prone to Anogenital warts

It is predicted that in females, the most common ages to contract anogenital warts are 16 – 19, whilst in males, the most common ages are between 20 and 24. The reason behind these ages is due to the typically most sexually active ages.

Taboo attached to anogenital warts and sexually transmitted diseases

Like any sexually transmitted disease, anogenital warts have the tendency to have a fairly bad reputation. As anogenital warts is one of the most common STD’s in the word, this taboo does nothing but increase stress and embarrassment to the many people who will contract a strain of the virus in their lifetime. A couple of factors including the fact that the infection cannot be completely be prevented just by using condoms as well as the potential for the disease to remain dormant for up to a year means that you do not need to be promiscuous to contract anogenital warts. This is a common misconception that leads to a negative reputation.

Clearly it is not desirable to contract anogenital warts or any sexually transmitted disease, however, the condition is not life threatening or harmful to your health, and does not necessarily reflect a high number of sexual partners or low levels of personal hygiene. If you do think you have anogenital warts, then do not be embarrassed about it. The quicker you get to the doctors, the sooner you can be on your way to getting rid of them.

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