NHS treatment for Anogenital Warts

The treatment for any sexually transmitted infection is free under the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and so getting treatment should not be a problem. You can visit your local GP who will provide a physical examination and determine the best course of treatment. This may be physical ablation where the warts are physically removed from the skin or a prescribed lotion or cream that you can apply to the area yourself. There may be a slight prescription charge if you use your local GP from the pharmacy.

You can also visit a number of sexual health clinics that are set up throughout the country. You can book an appointment at a sexual health clinic or a GUM clinic to talk confidentially to a doctor or a nurse. You can also visit drop in centres where you arrive and register and will be referred to the doctor on call at the facility. They can help you decide what the best course of action is depending on your condition as harder larger warts are usually removed by surgery. They can also answer any questions that you might have and the whole process is free of charge.

Private treatment for Anogenital warts

If you do not want to use the NHS services, you can opt for private treatment for anogenital warts. A number of people do this because they already have private healthcare and know their doctor quite well. If you opt to have any treatment done privately, you will have to pay for the treatment and that can be quite costly especially if you have physical ablation. Sometimes, it takes more than one treatment to remove the warts and this will raise the price. Different private healthcare facilities have different price ranges for the treatment so it is best to book an appointment with a consultant to discuss the best type of treatment and how much the treatment will cost.

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