Anogenital Warts in Men

In men, anogenital warts tend to occur in the early 20’s where men usually have a number of different sexual partners. It is not as common an infection in men as it is in women but there are still a vast number of men that have contracted anogenital warts.

The infection tends to appear on the shaft of the penis, the scrotum and the upper thighs of the genital area. They can also occur within the urethra, which can lead to discomfort during urination and bleeding. The warts may also appear in the anal region, both in and around the anus because the infection can be spread by vaginal, anal or oral sex. There does not need to be penetration in order to pass the infection on but sufficient skin contact.  The warts can become itchy and inflamed in certain areas and must be kept clean.

The treatment for men is the same as women and can go down either of the two routes. You can have the warts physically removed or apply lotion and creams to the warts so that they disappear. You will have the infection until your body manages to fight it off which may mean that you experience more than one outbreak. There is no vaccination available for men because it is primarily to protect women against the risk of cervical cancer. However, you can use some prevention methods in order to protect yourself as much as possible. Find out the sexual history of your partner to ensure that you will not contract any infection and always wear a condom. A condom is the best method of defence against any sexually transmitted infection because it puts a physical barrier between you and the infection. If you are experiencing an outbreak do not partake in sexual contact and make sure you get your condition treated as soon as possible.

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