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There are a number of different malaria tablets that you can take to protect yourself from malaria so subsequently the price range varies. It depends on the area of the world you are planning to visit as to which malaria tablets you will be prescribed. The price range will also differ depending on the length of your holiday and how often you need to take the malaria tablets.  Some tablets need to be taken daily whereas others may need to be taken weekly.

For example, if you have been prescribed Malarone for your holiday, you will need to take a tablet daily. The tablets need to be taken a couple of days before your trip, throughout the duration of your vacation and then for one week when you return home. It will cost approximately £59.99 for tablets to cover you for 7 days. This price increases depending on your length of travel so it will cost you £75 for two weeks and £105 for one month. Different pharmacies may have different price ranges.

If you have been prescribed Doxycycline for your trip, the price range differs to that of Malarone. In this instance, it will cost you around £30 for one week, and about £45-£50 for one month. Doxycycline must be taken a couple of days before travel, during your travel and then for four weeks after. The price difference between Doxycycline and Malarone accounts for the extended time in which you need to continue the anti-malarials. Mefloquine is also in the same price range, as it will cost you approximately £32 for one week and £47 for one month. Mefloquine is taken weekly for three weeks before your travel, during and for four weeks after. There may be other fees involved through the pharmacy but it is imperative that you buy the correct amount for your holiday.

You must buy the anti-malarials that have been prescribed to you. Do not opt to buy different anti-malarials than those you have been prescribed because other options are cheaper. The reasoning behind this is that some parts of the world have resistance to certain types of anti-malarials and your doctor will only prescribe you the tablets that are the most effective in the region of the world you will be visiting. Therefore, if you choose to use a different type of anti-malarial because of the difference in price, it may not be effective at protecting you from malaria.

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