Xenical & Lifestyle Changes

The main affect which Xenical will have on your lifestyle is positive. It can help you to lose fat from your body and thereby lose weight. This will mean that you are in better shape and feel more confident about yourself. You may also find that you feel less burdened after taking Xenical as it takes some of your concerns about your weight or appearance away. If Xenical works and you start losing weight and cease to be overweight or obese then you may start to see the benefits in your more general state of mind and happiness. Self-image is important for many people, as is our health. The resulting weight loss from taking Xenical can make you feel more confident about your appearance, as well as making you feel healthier.

Will taking Xenical affect my work?

Different medications can affect you in many different ways. There is a possibility when you are taking medication that it can have a negative impact on your ability to perform certain tasks. For example, if you are employed in a job which requires you to drive or operate machinery (for example if you are a taxi driver, mechanic, or technician, or if you work in any profession for which you need to drive either to offices or job sites), your ability to perform these tasks could be affect by the medication which you are taking.

Xenical is very unlikely to have an effect either on your ability to drive safely or operate machinery in a safe manner. However, these tasks do have the potential to cause injury to yourself and others. Due to these risks it is often advised that you watch carefully how the medication has affected you and then decide whether you feel like you are capable of performing certain tasks. If you cannot be certain of this or are unsure about whether you wish to risk it, then you might want to speak to a medical professional who can give you advice on the matter.

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