Pregnancy & Xenical

Medicines are designed to react inside our bodies and to have an effect on us as a result. The same is true when medications are introduced into a child, infant or unborn baby’s system. While you are pregnant, nutrients from the food which you eat passes from your intestine into your bloodstream. This blood flows to the placenta and the nutrients enter your unborn baby’s bloodstream through the umbilical cord.

In this way, any medication which you are taking while pregnant has a route by which it might be passed through your bloodstream into your baby’s body. This can lead to the medicine having an effect on your child. The effect of medicines is different from person to person, and can have very different effects on children or a foetus. The effect of a medicine on a foetus could have the potential to be harmful towards it, and for this reason it is important to be aware of the possible effects on your baby of medicines which you take while you are pregnant.

Medications which you are taking while pregnant can also have a varied effect on your child depending upon the stage of your pregnancy. Some medications might have a different effect on a three month old foetus than they would on a six month old foetus for example.

For the reasons which are explained above, it is important that you should only take Xenical while you are pregnant if your doctor feels that it is necessary. This means that the doctor thinks your health, the health of your child or the chances of a safe delivery of your baby might be negatively affected if you were not to take Xenical.

The decision of whether or not to take Xenical during pregnancy might involve you and your doctor discussing the potential risks and benefits, and deciding which outweighs the other. If the benefits of taking Xenical during pregnancy outweigh the possible risks then you might agree to take Xenical, however, if the risks outweigh the possible benefits then you might want to discuss alternative medications with your doctor.

Breast feeding and Xenical

Nutrients which are ingested by a mother after pregnancy can also be transferred to their child through breastfeeding. If you are taking medication while you are breastfeeding, then the medicine can be ingested by your child along with the nutrients.

For this reason, if you are breastfeeding then you should not take Xenical. This is because the medication can affect your child and may cause damage to their health.

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