Xenical & Preparations or Supplements

Some medicines can be complemented (the positive or healing effects of these medications might be improved) by the use of a supplement or preparation along with the primary medication.

If you are knowingly taking a supplement or preparation which might interact with Xenical, or if you are taking a supplement or preparation for the express purpose of improving Xenical’s chances of being a successful treatment for obesity, then you should consult with the person who has sold or prescribed you Xenical. This is important because they can give you advice on whether they think it is suitable to continue taking the supplement or preparation. This decision will be based upon what is known about how these substances might interact inside your body, what the risks are, and whether you are personally willing to take any risks which might be associated with combining treatments (if you believe that the potential risks will be outweighed by the potential benefits to your health).

There are several vitamin supplements with which Xenical is known to have a possibility of interacting. These are vitamins A, D, E and K. While you can take one of these vitamin supplements while you are also taking Xenical, it is highly advisable that you do consult with an appropriate medical practitioner before you do so. This should be your regular general practitioner, the person who prescribed you Xenical, the pharmacist from whom you bought Xenical or another medical professional. It would be best to seek advice from your general practitioner or the person who prescribed you Xenical (if you have a prescription) as these medical practitioners ought to have access to your medical information and medical history, which are helpful in making an informed decision on the issue of medication. Complimenting Xenical with one of the above vitamin supplements or a vitamin preparation may yield positive results which could help you to lose weight, become healthier and fight obesity. However, there is no certainty about whether or not such a combination is effective, and the effectiveness of combined treatments cannot be guaranteed.

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