Do you Bleed after a Vasectomy?

You should not be bleeding after a vasectomy. The vast majority of vasectomies are performed without complications and unfortunately, bleeding following surgery is one such complication which could arise. This is rare though. Should you begin to bleed following a surgery, this is most likely due to a nick or scratch being made on the artery next to the vas deferens, which has opened up and is causing bleeding. Another complication such as this is internal bleeding. This can be easily resolved but you must alert your surgeon or doctor immediately. The chances of bleeding occurring during the operation is far more likely than afterwards and in this instance your surgeon will have noticed and should be prepared on what to do. You can ask your surgeon in advance what safety measures he has in place to avoid situations such as this. The more modern ‘keyhole’ method involves clamping rather than cutting the vas deferens and is a lot safer when it comes to preventing bleeding. After a vasectomy you will be required to rest for a few days to ensure that the chance of bleeding and interruption with the healing process does not happen. You will not be allowed to drive yourself home after the surgery and you cannot perform any sort of exercise or strenuous task for a few days. This is for your own benefit so take on board everything your surgeon has asked you to do. For some it may be difficult to stop smoking for a while but it is necessary when undergoing surgery.