Can a Vasectomy be Reversed?

A reversal vasectomy surgery does exist and the success rate for this is actually quite high but then taking into account the likelihood of pregnancy, the rate of success actually ends up quite low and can be worse for some people depending on individual circumstances. Also, although you can get a vasectomy on the NHS, it is very rare to get a vasectomy reversal on the NHS.

This means you could be paying up to £10,000 on various treatments to allow you to have children again. The men most likely to change their mind about a vasectomy is young, child-less men. This is why a large proportion of surgeons will refuse to operate on anyone under 25. The overall percentages for regretting a vasectomy lies in the region of 5-11%. To make sure that you are left with options, even if you truly think that there is no way you could ever consider wanting children, a useful resource or safety net is to cryostore your sperm prior to a vasectomy. This means you do not have to undergo a vasectomy reversal straightaway and can try cheaper techniques of artificial insemination. Should this not work, there is IVF treatment to consider too.

In conclusion, there are indeed ways to reverse a vasectomy but your chances of conceiving are reduced and the process can undoubtedly accrue large fees.

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