Is a Vasectomy Reversal cheaper than IVF?

A vasectomy reversal is very rarely received on the NHS so the majority of people have to pay for this surgery out of their own pockets. A vasectomy reversal costs around £2-3,000 through a private clinic and there is a good rate of success. IVF treatment however can lead to you spending anything up to £10,000 and beyond! It also is extremely rarely offered by the NHS. You will find that most doctors you talk to will definitely recommend that you try a reversal vasectomy before jumping straight into IVF treatment.

A vasectomy reversal is also associated with fewer complications than IVF. IVF treatment for example, has a higher instance of multiple births and birth defects. Neither technique offers a 100% chance of success of pregnancy, by a long way. A vasectomy reversal’s chance of success of pregnancy is increased depending on how long ago the vasectomy took place. Basically, the longer you leave it, the less your chance of getting pregnant again. Your doctor will take into account any personal circumstances and you will be able to ultimately decide which option is best for you. In general though, IVF treatment is only considered after a vasectomy reversal has proven to be unsuccessful.

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