What are the Vasectomy Procedure Complications?

A vasectomy is considered one of the safest and easiest procedures, especially when compared to the alternative female sterilisation or ‘tubal ligation’. Complications are rare but the risks still exist.

It is important that you are aware of all the possible risks of a vasectomy so that you are making an informed decision prior to surgery. A complication can arise during the procedure or afterwards and are a little more serious than the common side effects such as bruising and discomfort. Some of the complications you could experience are infection, bleeding, inflammation, recanalization, leaking sperm causing a lump, fever and psychological damage. There is also a very small but possible link to dementia. Some of these complications can be corrected by further surgery at no extra cost. Chronic pain is also a long-term complication associated with a vasectomy. This can often be improved completely by undergoing a vasectomy reversal. A vasectomy was once thought to have implications for prostate cancer but this has since proven to be incorrect.

Complications can be reduced by using the ‘keyhole’ method or a generally more modern technique of surgery. The ‘no scalpel’ method has proved itself to be effective at reducing recovery time, reducing the risk of complications and reducing scarring too. For further information on the type of procedure you can expect and any complications relevant to your medical history, speak to your doctor or surgeon.