How much does a Vasectomy Cost?

A lot of people choose to go down the route of getting a vasectomy on the NHS. Despite waiting lists, the NHS offers a good quality of service completely free of charge. However the length of the waiting lists can be much longer in certain areas and as such, given that the procedure is relatively cheap, some people choose to use private healthcare clinics or specialised vasectomy clinics. At a private clinic you can expect to pay between £300 and £1000. The cost of a vasectomy should not only include the actual procedure, it should include any nursing fees, surgeon fees, medical fees such as painkillers given afterwards and any other aftercare offered. Needless to say, the NHS will be able to offer you free subsequent healthcare should any complications arise but this is not necessarily the case in private healthcare and you may end up paying out more than you intended. When signing the consent form for the operation, ensure that you read the form completely and understand all the terms and conditions of what is expected of the surgery. Although this is a simple and quick procedure, very rarely complications can arise and it is essential that you know you will be well taken care of.