Does a Vasectomy effect Ejaculation?

A vasectomy does not effect ejaculation in any noticeable way at all. The only difference that will happen is that there will be no sperm in your semen eventually, should the operation be a success. Sperm makes up a very small percentage of semen and overall you will not notice anything has changed. In the short term you will need to stop ejaculating for a week or two or whenever you feel comfortable after the procedure. This is simply because the area may not have healed properly and you may cause some minor damage. When you are asked to give a semen sample, usually at 3 months after the surgery, you will be tested for whether sperm is still present in your semen. Up until this time, you should continue using other forms of contraception as some people find themselves becoming pregnant after assuming that they were immediately sterile.

When you have been given the go ahead and told that you are sperm free, you may find that you begin to enjoy your sex life a little more without the hassle of worrying about contraception or pregnancy. A number of studies have been made to ensure that no change is made to the fluid that is ejaculated other than there is no sperm. The conclusions of these studies have shown that ejaculatory fluid is entirely the same consistency, colour, smell and similar in all other ways.