Where can I find more information on a Vasectomy?

There are vast amounts of information on Vasectomy procedures and experiences on the Internet. It may be particularly useful to hear from other men who have undergone the procedure and can tell their story although your experience will be entirely individual to you. A great source of information is your local doctor or GP. They will be able to give you lots of leaflets and written material that you can get stuck into and research properly. Even if you are considering private healthcare for your vasectomy, your doctor will still be able to help and provide advice. If you have found a particular private clinic that you like however, you should try to visit before the surgery, so that you can really feel what the place is like. Your surgeon will give you copious amounts of information and important guidelines of things you will need to do before and after the surgery such as quitting smoking.

A consultation with a clinic is usually free and should be considered a time when you can prepare all your questions. It may also be helpful to bring your partner with you so that they have a chance to ask questions too. It is sometimes the case that a partner is required to co-sign a consent form so getting your partner involved right from the start can be less of a shock. Of course there will be other places which will have information on vasectomies such as libraries and bookshops, although beware of how up to date the information is.