Does a Vasectomy hurt & is it painful?

From patient reviews and the majority of case studies, a vasectomy does not hurt and should not be painful. Naturally, during your recovery, there will be some discomfort and you will need to take over the counter painkillers to make sure that you can rest. These are usually provided by your performing surgeon. During the actual operation however you should not be able to feel what is happening at all. You will be given a local anaesthetic as a general anaesthetic is not required for such a quick and simple procedure. If you are particularly anxious or worried about the procedure, your surgeon or doctor may be able to give you some sedatives to take an hour or so prior to surgery taking place. Should you find that you are in more pain than anticipated, you should not hesitate to call a doctor or your surgeon. You should have been given a number to call in case of complications arising.

A rare condition associated with a vasectomy procedure is ‘post vasectomy pain syndrome’. This is something which can present immediately or anytime after the operation. Although it affects a small number of men, it can lead to a constant ‘ache’ or pain in the testicles. The pain is sometimes said to appear only during sex or while ejaculating and is of varying degrees in terms of how painful it is. There is very little that can medically be done to alleviate this symptom entirely - short of a reversal vasectomy.