How Reliable is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is considered to be the most reliable form of contraception and birth control when compared to traditional methods such as withdrawal or condoms. It is also far more reliable at preventing pregnancy than tubal ligation. Regardless of the technique involved with the vasectomy, the results offer the same reliability.

The only thing that may have a bearing on the reliability of a vasectomy is dependent on the surgeon. Experience and skill play an important role in any surgery and a vasectomy is no different. The view of a vasectomy being a very simple procedure has led to some less experienced people attempting the surgery and causing damage to an artery or performing ‘rough’ surgery as it is known.

If the surgery fails to prevent sperm from entering the semen in the first 6 months after the operation, this can be considered a short-term failure and your surgeon will normally offer to re-do the surgery free of charge. Correcting a short-term failure is simple to do medically speaking but can lead to more time off work for you and more time needed to recover. The percentage of vasectomies failing is less than 1% so although it is something to consider, a vasectomy is about as reliable as it could be!