Does a Vasectomy leave Scars or Bruises?

A traditional procedure for a vasectomy involves using a scalpel to make an incision. This usually requires stitching, dissolvable or otherwise. The traditional method is much more likely to leave a scar but the scar it might leave will still be very small. You may not be able to see it at all. The modern method or ‘keyhole’ method allows only a small hole to be made and as such, scarring is even less likely to occur. This surgery should leave you with very little, if any, visible scarring at all.

Bruising is a very common side effect of a vasectomy but as with any side effect, this will be temporary. The swelling and bruising can be reduced by using a pack of ice on the area. This promotes healing so that the bruises fade faster. For the first week after the surgery you may also want to wear loose fitting trousers. This is because the bruising will make the area very delicate and as you can imagine, it would be less than ideal to have tight clothing on!

If you are having to travel quite far to get to the clinic which will be performing your vasectomy, it may be advisable to stay close to the clinic for a few days as you may not feel comfortable enough to travel right away. The bottom line here is that scars and bruises are minimal and the benefits of the surgery are often seen to far outweigh these risks pr side effects.