Does a Vasectomy effect Sex Drive?

Absolutely not. A lot of rumours can be found surrounding a vasectomy including its effect on your sex life. Your sex drive is affected by a number of things including levels of testosterone, physical ability, medication and psychological factors. A vasectomy stops sperm from entering the semen but does not stop or change testosterone levels. Very few man have ever reported any difference in their sex life and in most cases, this difference is due to secondary factors such as psychological problems following a vasectomy. Some men worry that they will not be able to ejaculate anymore or it may not be satisfying to have sex but this is completely wrong. Sperm actually only makes up about 5% of semen so the fluid you ejaculate will look and feel exactly the same. The only thing that will be different is your ability to make your partner pregnant. Rather than dampen your sex drive and enjoyment, a lot of men actually report a better sex life post vasectomy! They attribute this to removing the fear of becoming pregnant, leaving them able to enjoy sex without worry. A good way of combating the possible psychological effects of feeling less manly or depressed at having lost fertility is to talk to a counselor or professional before the surgery so that you can come to terms with how you might feel afterwards. This way you will be mentally prepared for what is to come.