Does a Vasectomy effect Sexual Pleasure?

Naturally when you are considering a vasectomy, you will look into how this will affect your sex life in general. The good news is a vasectomy will really have no negative impact whatsoever on your sexual pleasure or your ability to feel sexual pleasure. A vasectomy does not change your testosterone levels, your sexual desires or your sensitivity. You will not even be able to notice a difference in your semen at all. Rather than dampening your sexual pleasure, studies have shown that testosterone decreases slower with age in men who have undergone a vasectomy when compared to those who have not. A vasectomy also has no impact on your ability to get or maintain an erection. You will not be able to notice any difference except possibly less worrying due to the fear of becoming pregnant, meaning there is more time for you to enjoy your sex life.

For the first few months after a vasectomy, you will still be required to use other forms of contraception until all the sperm has been removed from your semen so your sex life may be exactly the same for a little while at least. A vasectomy having no impact on your sex life at all is dependent upon no complications arising from the surgery. Complications are extremely rare though and most can be corrected easily.