What are the Side Effects of a Vasectomy?

Despite a vasectomy being one of the most simple and quick procedures, there will inevitably be some risks. It should be stressed though that these are rare.

Following any surgery there may be side effects or complications. The difference between the two is that side effects are temporary, appear immediately following the procedure and are usually common. Complications can arise during surgery or afterwards and can involve more long-term problems. Some side effects of a vasectomy will be discomfort – this is not something that is considered serious and it should subside after a few days of rest. Pain following surgery is also common but is mild and can be taken care of by using painkillers or ‘over the counter’ medicines. Another side effect although less of a problem with more modern techniques is bruising. You will experience some bruising and the area may be swollen. A good way to combat this is to put ice on yourself. This is especially useful as it numbs the area as well as reducing swelling and promoting healing. The days following a vasectomy are a time when you need to rest completely and not do any strenuous tasks. You will need to get a partner or friend to take care of some of the household chores or babysitting.