Where does the sperm go after a Vasectomy?

Firstly, whether or not you have had a vasectomy, the unused sperm cells in a man’s body are naturally absorbed all the time anyway. Sperm is constantly being made and then reabsorbed. When a vasectomy has taken place this happens again but to a larger extent. They can be seen as dissolving into your body. You will still be producing sperm but the sperm will not travel into the urethra to be ejaculated. Instead it will remain in the testicles or travel to the point where there is a blockage in the vas deferens and does not leave the body at all. Rumours are strong in this area and there are myths considering that sperm builds up and can lead to swelling or even bursting. This is completely untrue and ridiculous when you consider how much sperm is made over a lifetime, and how little, as low as 1% of that sperm is ejaculated normally. It is entirely natural for the body to reabsorb sperm cells. One of the suspected causes of post vasectomy pain syndrome is that sperm build up creates pressure and leads to chronic pain but there is no evidence to support this at the moment. Where the sperm goes after a vasectomy is of very little substance and is totally natural.