Vasectomy Reversal UK

Vasectomy Reversal UK are the largest collaboration of Urology Specialists in the East Midlands offering a private urology care system with a vast amount of expertise in all areas of urology.

The group have clinics (Nottingham Urology Group - NUG) at The Park Hospital and Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital and also specialist NHS practices within Nottingham City Hospital.

Vasectomy Reversals

Vasectomy Reversal UK offer a comprehensive Vasectomy Reversal system, allowing patients to talk to specialists and receive a free telephone consultation to ensure that they opt for the right treatment for them. The free phone consultation is designed to answer any questions that you may have, before deciding whether or not you would like to go into the clinic for a full consultation. Details of the procedure, costs, success rates and testimonials, can all be found on the NUG website.

Vasectomy Reversal Consultant - Mr John Lemberger FRCS (Urol.)

Mr. Lemberger is a leading surgeon in Vasectomy Reversals in the UK, with over twenty-five years experience and 600 vasectomy reversal operations. He first became qualified at King’s College Hospital in London before training in London and Nottingham to become fully qualified in 1985.

Mr. Lemberger practices in all areas of urology but sup-specialises in vasectomy reversals; diseases of the testis; urethral strictures and urinary tract stones. He is also a member of the National Specialist Advisory Committee for Urology.