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Opting for weight loss surgery abroad is extremely appealing as it can offer you between a 30% price and an 80% one depending on what country you choose or what package you receive. Many clinics will offer you a variety of appealing packages, but you should ensure that you don’t become blinded by the price saving, you should ensure that you work out all costs of the trip as well as considering what the clinic will be offering you as opposed to other clinics in the same country or in other countries. You will also be required to meet specific guidelines similar to those set out in the UK, however some clinics may be slightly more lenient on how you prove certain aspects.

What guidelines should I meet?

As most clinics abroad follow international guidelines recommended to them you should ensure that you meet the guidelines set out within the UK, these are:

  • BMI of above 40, with a Gastric Balloon above 25 may be an option if you suffer from any particular medical condition which could potentially be improved by weight loss (Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnoea, and infertility to name a few)
  • You must provide evidence that you have previously attempted to lose weight through hard work and commitment and that these attempts were unsuccessful – leaving surgery as your last and only option.
  • You should also have the right attitude to tackle the life change that will be required of you, you will need to follow a strict diet and exercise regime which will be extremely hard, you must prove you are ready for the change.

These guidelines will be followed, however they may not be followed as strictly as within the UK, for example you may not need to provide as much evidence for some of the requirements as you might do here. You should however be wary of this as these guidelines are set out for your safety and suitability for the procedure, the guidelines describe the ideal candidate who will be most successful after having a gastric balloon fitted.

I meet the guidelines - what happens next?

It is recommended that you research as much as possible into what the clinic abroad has to offer, you should look into what kind of aftercare package you receive, for example what specialist team will you have access to? How will the support be delivered in your home country? Is there a telephone hotline? Does the clinic abroad have an institution within the UK that can offer your support for you? You should also check what you will be paying for, the price may seem really cheap – so you should check whether you are paying for the procedure alone, whether the removal of the balloon in 6 months is inclusive in the price, is there accommodation included for both appointments, and how will you get there, is the transport included? Once you have priced up all of these items you should then compare the price with the UK prices, does it still work out cheaper and are you as confident going abroad as you would be if you were to undergo surgery.

How am I expected to pay for the procedure abroad?

Once you feel you are suitable for the procedure abroad, and you wish to visit another country to have a Gastric balloon fitted you should get a quote from the clinic. This can either be done via the telephone or online, this will then give you the correct amount you will need to pay for whichever package you choose. Usually clinics abroad will expect payment to be made before you arrive in the country; usually they will ask for you to pay the full price 28 days prior to your arrival. You should then get on with booking any extras you require i.e travel and accommodation. You should ensure however that you 100% fit in with being an ideal candidate for the procedure, as once you sign the contract and pay it may be hard for you to get a refund if you arrive and are turned down during the consultation. To reduce the risk of this happening you can enquire with the clinic abroad as to whether they have consultations available within the UK, these are usually charged around £100 but are highly recommended as you will be meeting directly with a representative of the clinic and sometimes even the surgeon, this will also increase your confidence with the procedure.

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