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Results of any weight loss surgery is down to the attitude of the individual, and how they go about recovering and achieving results. The Gastric balloon is a temporary measure and is effective within the short term at assisting with weight loss, you should however ensure that for the 6 months you have the balloon fitted you follow every piece of advice given to you and that you work hard to achieve the best results possible.

Weight loss results

If your procedure is successful you should be able to achieve weight loss for the long term however this will depend on whether you keep to your new adapted lifestyle and that you follow a healthy balanced diet as well as a strict exercise regime, this means that even after the balloon is removed you may be able to keep the weight loss coming. Most people who have a balloon fitted find that they lose a substantial amount of weight within the 6 months that it is in their stomach, statistics show that within this time patients can lose between 2 to 4 stone.

Benefits of this procedure

As the procedure is fitted through the mouth there is no need for general anaesthesia, this reduces the risk of complications with the surgery and it is often seen as one of the safest weight loss methods. As it is a temporary procedure the balloon can be removed at anytime, however it is kept in for most cases for 6 months, this 6 months offers a successful period for weight loss, and is much more effective than just following a diet. You will of course need to adapt your diet, but the balloon for starters will make you feel much fuller, and you will receive assistance with the diet change, and a dietician will help you to draw up a realist diet plan and will be on hand to support you throughout. You will also find this procedure beneficial as unlike other procedures you will not need to take vitamin supplements for the foreseeable future, or find that you need to take prescribed medicine due to complications or other reasons. You may also be considered for a Gastric balloon if you have a lower BMI than with most weight loss operations, some clinics offer this procedure to you if your BMI is as low as 25, whereas with other surgeries your BMI must be above 35. You may also be offered this procedure if you have an extremely high BMI and if you are unsuitable for any other weight loss surgeries, the balloon will be used to determine a substantial amount of weight loss to deem you fit for a second surgery once you are at an acceptable weight.

Lifestyle benefits

With the gastric balloon weight loss occurs rapidly, and this can influence greatly on how you feel. You will find that whilst you lose weight your confidence rises and your self esteem is boosted, you may even experience an improvement in your career as well as within your personal lifestyle. Your healthy eating and regular exercise will boost your fee good factor and will also influence on your life. You will all round feel a much more confident person, and often people find that following the removal of the balloon they are able to keep the lifestyle change, this will of course lead to losing more weight and overall becoming much happier within yourself.

Medical Results

It has been known that weight loss surgery can improve an individual’s health; this can be said for the gastric balloon procedure too. If you are a successful candidate and you lose a substantial amount of weight it has been known that people have seen a huge improvement with illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, infertility and back problems amongst others. Some people have even noted a complete turnaround in these problems and have explained that they no longer suffer from these types of illnesses after losing the weight and adapting their lifestyle.

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