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Choosing to have a Gastric Balloon fitted privately is one option you can take when considering weight loss surgery, this type of procedure is temporary and is often used for people whose weight is too high to undergo other types of weight loss surgery. Across the UK there are set guidelines which every individual who wishes to undergo weight loss surgery must meet, these are similar to those you are required to meet when undergoing surgery on the NHS.

What guidelines should I meet?

You will most importantly need to be seen as obese, meaning that you BMI will be high, usually above 40. If your BMI is above between 35 and 40 you may also have the opportunity to be considered only if however you suffer from a medical issue such as type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and infertility to name just a few.  You may also be considered for a gastric balloon if your BMI is as little as 25, as it is a temporary measure it can also be seen as effective for people who have a lower BMI than others.  If your BMI matches this you will also need to prove that you are willing to change your lifestyle, you will need to follow a strict diet and exercise regime one the balloon is fitted, and this will require motivation and determination on your part, if you are able to demonstrate that you are ready and able for this type of change you will be a suitable candidate. Another requirement you must meet is you should be able to prove that in the past you have tried to lose weight through various methods and that these attempts have not worked, that having a balloon fitted is a last resort.

Financial details

Private clinics often offer a range of prices with regards to weight loss surgery, this is due to the types of services they offer. Usually it depends on the aftercare and support you will receive as well as the type of clinic you choose when considering the surgery. As having a Gastric Balloon fitted is a temporary weight loss measure it is cheaper than other weight loss surgeries, you will find that the prices are usually around the £3,950 mark. You should consider the options available to you then with regards to payment methods. There are a number of ways in which clinics will expect you to pay, firstly you could be asked to pay the total sum up front, if you have the money saved then go ahead, however if you are likely to struggle with affording this there are a few options available to you:

  • Taking out a medical loan with a variety of re-payment methods.
  • Taking out a bank loan again with a variety of re-payment methods
  • Asking the surgery whether they can offer you themselves a re-payment method.

Re-payment methods are usually referred to as finance and offer individuals a variety of payment plans, usually if you pay the money within a certain amount of time you will be offered a no interest deal, Usually the no interest time frame is around 6 months, you will have a longer time frame available to you with smaller installments but you should then expect to pay interest.

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