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There are three options available to you with regards to cost of weight loss surgery, a Gastric balloon is one of the cheaper procedures, as it is only temporary and is much easier to fit than other methods. However some use this is the first part of a two part surgery, meaning two types of surgery will be paid for in the end – ultimately making your weight loss efforts much more expensive. For anyone who is considering the Gastric Balloon as a single option it is much cheaper than other bariatric procedures and you have various options available to you. You may have a chance at getting the cost of your procedure covered for you by the NHS, your second option is to go private – private clinics usually offer a range of prices, and your final option is to look at having a Gastric Balloon fitted abroad, this appeals as it is usually the cheapest option.

Gastric Balloon on the NHS

To be considered for surgery on the NHS you will need to visit your GP who will refer you to a clinic that deals with this type of surgery; however you will need to prove a few things first before a referral is made. Your obesity will need to be putting your health at risk, and you must be able to prove that in the past you have by all means possible attempted weight loss and you have not achieved the results you wish. You must also have a BMI of 40 or above, for the Gastric Balloon procedure you may be considered with a BMI as low as 30, it will also be of assistance if you suffer from any medical problem which can be improved by substantial weight loss, for example – heart disease, or type 2 diabetes. Finally you will also need to demonstrate that you are willing to adapt your lifestyle and that your attitude demonstrates the right amount of commitment to your future weight loss. If you meet these requirements your case will be considered across the NHS board where many things will be taken into account, such as you medical history and your attitude, this is all down to ensuring your safety and suitability for this type of procedure. If you are successful you will be referred to a clinic which deals with this surgery and you will then be told how long you will have to wait before your surgery is completed. The wait can sometimes be quite lengthy as first off getting accepted for the surgery can be hard and the process is long, and secondly clinics only receive finance every 12 months which means they need to share this finance equally across the months to ensure finding does not run out.

Private Gastric Balloon

A second option available to you is to consider private surgery, you will find that many private clinics offer a range of prices and it can be quite confusing. The best thing to do is begin comparing clinics, compare the type of clinic you will have you procedure completed in, and consider the type of aftercare you will receive as well as looking at whether you actually like the team who will be working with you.  To determine whether you like the team, and are confident with them you can attend a consultation prior to choosing the clinic, these consultations are usually offered free of charge, and you will be able to ask all questions you feel necessary, with regards to price, service, and the procedure itself. Usually the price for a Gastric Balloon is around £3,950, and it is a temporary 6 month procedure.

Gastric Balloon Abroad

Considering surgery abroad is very common as it can offer price savings of between 30 and 80% as oppose to prices in the UK, you will need to research thoroughly as to what the package you are receiving includes. Some surgeries only offer covering the price of the procedure, whereas others other clinics will offer prices inclusive accommodation or airfare, and sometimes even both. With the Gastric balloon being a temporary measure, you will also need to research into how the clinic abroad will remove the balloon, and whether you will have to pay for accommodation or airfare again at a later date. Prices can be found for the procedure as low as £1515 with an additional £260-£320 to pay on your return visit for the removal of the balloon – or you may pay all together at around £1,885. You will need to consider still airfare to the destination and accommodation, which often will still be cheaper than surgery within the UK.

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