Chemical Peels for your Face

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The most noticeable site of skin imperfections is our face; this means that any treatment that can help to alleviate these blemishes is greatly sought after. No one wants to have their confidence damaged purely because of their self-consciousness caused by blemishes that mark the face. For some a chemical peel can prove to be helpful in reducing the appearance of blemishes such as: blackheads, dark circles under the eyes and age spots.  Other skin complaints can also be aided by a chemical peel treatment.

For some concealing blemishes with make-up may not have to be the only option.

The application of a chemical peel

A chemical peel can be applied to the face in one of two ways. Either the chemical solution is coated across the entire face, producing an even texture to the face when the skin has completely healed, or the peel can be applied to a specific area of the skin.  The two options allow for a peel that is directly tailored to the needs of the client.

Types of chemical peels for the face

Unlike chemical peels for the body, there are more options to those who seek a facial peel in terms of the strength of chemical peel to choose from.  Superficial peels (also known as glycolic, AHA or BHA peels), medium depth peels (usually TCA peels) and deep phenol peels are all viable options for those desiring to improve the texture and the quality of the skin.

Important tips

If you are currently suffering or have suffered from cold sores in the past you should always tell your consultant and practitioner. If you do not alert anyone to the presence of the virus within your system you run the risk of a major flair-up. This is particularly relevant when undergoing a facial chemical peel.

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