HealOzone for Dental Phobia

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In a world of fizzy drinks and sugary foods tooth decay flourishes, meaning that regular dental check-ups are doubly important as, if left untreated, tooth decay can become extremely painful and costly, resulting in the loss of the affected teeth. People suffering from dental phobia are at a high risk of tooth decay as they avoid the dentist, leaving them unaware of what goes on in their mouths. Fortunately a recent technology has been developed to combat tooth decay without the need for a visit to the dentist’s.

What is HealOzone?

HealOzone is a relatively new piece of technology which dentists use to target tooth decay. Ozone naturally destroys bacteria so whenever it comes into contact with bacteria in rotten teeth it will kill it. This will stop the teeth from rotting any further. For dental phobics this is excellent news as it means that a patient may not need anaesthetic or drilling in the future as decay can be dealt with much more easily. Injections and drilling are arguably two of the biggest issues for phobics so anything which removes the need of either of these is a massive help. The HealOzone is applied directly to the tooth for approximately 20-40 seconds. The ozone kills the bacteria whilst simultaneously providing minerals to the tooth. The result is that the tooth is both stronger and far less likely to decay in the future. The application of HealOzone is followed by the patient been given a kit so that they are able to continue to add healthy minerals to the teeth and help to ensure that the good work started in the initial treatment continues. 

Another advantage of this technology is that the procedure is completely painless. This makes it even more ideal for treating phobics, children and anyone who is nervous or anxious about dental treatments. It removes an element which fears and worries most patients, not just phobics; pain. Furthermore as the gas Ozone is formed from oxygen it completely harmless to people.

Caveats to HealOzone

Despite all these advantages, it is important to remember that HealOzone is essentially a preventative treatment. It helps prevent tooth decay and remove the bacteria that causes it, but if a tooth has already decayed to the point that a filling is a necessity then that filling will have to be done and HealOzone cannot change that. It used early enough then it can be highly beneficial and can mean that some potentially painful or uncomfortable treatments can be avoided. This being said it is preventative and merely one aspect of dentistry. It is still important to go to dental appointments and have the appropriate care, and its use is also largely in letting patients know that there are painless and simple treatment options available, which should get more people to overcome their fears.

HealOzone is increasingly available, especially in clinics that advertise the previously discussed 'gentle dentistry' or focus on younger patients. The technology is still developing however, and dentists are still learning about it and discovering new ways to use it.

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