Phobia of Dental Bridges

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The loss of a tooth can be due to any number of reasons, and if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having lost a tooth, it is essential that you seek the appropriate dental advice and treatment. For anyone suffering from a phobia of dentistry, or even this particular procedure, overcoming your fear is key to getting the treatment you need.

What is a dental bridge and why do I need one?

‘Bridging’ refers to a method that allows a false tooth to be affixed to your mouth, meaning that it is securely placed and doesn’t affect your bite and feels as natural and comfortable as possible. A dental bridge is designed to be fixed to healthy teeth flanking the gap in your teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, a missing tooth will often be worth replacing. You may be of the opinion that as it cannot decay, fall apart, or cause you any distress now that it’s just a gap in your mouth, but this is not entirely the case. Even a single lost tooth can make it more difficult to clean your teeth and creates a gap into which food can become trapped. This can potentially lead to tooth decay and is a considerable nuisance. What also happens is that the surrounding teeth begin to grow awkwardly and crookedly as they try to effectively compensate for your lost tooth. Misaligned teeth are more susceptible to decay as they are more difficult to clean, another consideration when it comes to deciding whether a bridge is for you or not. Finally missing teeth can disrupt the appearance and balance of your face.

Dental bridges and dental phobias

In order for a bridge to be fixed in your mouth, you need to have a crown fitted to the teeth flanking the missing tooth. Fitting crowns can involve a number of appointments and this can be very daunting for anyone who has a dental phobia. The more severe phobics out there may find it nigh on impossible to even make the initial appointments necessary after losing a tooth, and this can have more serious health consequences in the long run. While these fears are both relatively commonplace and understandable, they are ones that you should address with your dentist if you find yourself in need of or wanting a dental bridge. Remember that dentists want to treat you to the best of their ability, and accommodating your needs is certainly a part of that.

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