Therapy and Counselling for Dental Phobia

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Strong fears like phobias are often the result of underlying psychological trauma. This can be a previous experience with the dentist’s, or in more non-specific fears like the fear of the lack of control you experience when in a dentist’s chair, it can be something completely different. If there is a psychological mechanism which is fuelling the phobia, then the healthiest treatment option by far is to address it by means of professional therapy.

What are therapy and counselling?

Therapy and counselling refer to a treatment approach where a patient with a background or history of psychological trauma has the opportunity to sit down and talk to a professional about their issues. These techniques are used very broadly for a host of different reasons, and dental phobia is no exception. The success of therapy and counselling has been well documented, and the techniques have been used for years to help people resolve issues that have a negative influence on their lives.

Therapy, counselling, and dental phobia

Instead of dealing with the phobia or fear within a dental environment or via alternative technologies, there is always the option of seeking help via a therapist or counsellor. This option allows the patient to steadily and gently work through their fear; understand why they feel the way they do, what triggers their fear, and how they might be able to move past it. It is a gradual process and has the benefit of having one on one support. Some people may be put off counselling and therapy as they are embarrassed or perhaps even see it as a social taboo, but counselling can help with a great many problems and issues. Furthermore there are many counsellors who specialize in treating phobias and it is an option which has proven to be very successful.   

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