NuCalm for Dental Phobia

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Even for those of us who don’t suffer from dental phobias a trip to the dentist is far from relaxing or enjoyable. For people who are phobic, this experience is considerably more distressing. NuCalm is advertised as a product that makes the dental experience relaxing and enjoyable for everyone, and while this claim may seem outlandish at first, a closer look at the technology suggests that it may provide a valid tool for treating patients whose anxiety issues are more severe.

What is NuCalm?

NuCalm is a new system which helps patients who suffer from dental phobia. It is a system which naturally brings patients into a state of relaxation without the use of various controlled substances. It allows the patient to fall into the first stages of sleep within five minutes, and keeps them calm before and during their treatment. Statistics show that when used on over 13,000 patients in the United Kingdom and United States of America, 98% said they would use NuCalm again and 97% would recommend it to friends and relatives. Quite a large range of treatments can incorporate the use of NuCalm including periodontal treatment, root canals, tooth extractions and crown treatments.

It is particularly useful to those who suffer from dental phobia or even just those who are nervous or anxious as it provides instant relaxation. NuCalm only takes three to five minutes and is essentially a four-stage process. Firstly patients chew on tablets which contain a compound specific to the therapy which counteracts adrenaline, the hormone which is largely responsible for your body’s stress response. As adrenaline is designed to be released and take effect rapidly, working against it is a great mechanism to reduce tension quickly and effectively.

Secondly patches are placed behind the ears and emit a micro current which stimulates and opens up the brain's receptors to the tablets, increasing the effectiveness of the first stage quickly and without the use of any other chemical agents. Thirdly the patient wears noise-dampening headphones and listens to soothing music which helps brain waves drop down to the pre-sleeping stage, meaning that your brain is effectively half asleep and hence relaxed. Fourthly and finally, special glasses are worn to black out everything which eliminates any visual stimulation that may cause anxiety and disrupt the NuCalm experience.

The entire process is completely painless and is aimed purely at providing relation and comfort. Nothing involved in the treatment will cause distress or pain. It enables the dentist to perform procedures quickly and efficiently whilst being safe in the knowledge that the patient is calm and comfortable. It is also completely safe and non-invasive. During the treatment the patient is conscious and responsive but still relaxed enough to be able to cope with the treatment. There are no side effects and they are physically unable to have an anxious response during procedures as they are in a deep state of relaxation.  

Other benefits to NuCalm

Because of the nature of NuCalm’s mechanism of action, it can induce a state of wellness and relaxation which can last anywhere between a few hours up to a few days. The system relies on manipulating brain waves to trigger relaxation, meaning that your body releases a lot of muscular tension as nerves are coaxed into a state of relaxation. Because of these benefits NuCalm has become extremely popular, and while uptake in the UK has been limited so far, the hope is that as its popularity grows, so will the number of clinics offering the NuCalm experience.

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