Hypnotherapy for Dental Phobia

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The word ‘hypnotherapy’ can conjure up images of stage performers, carnivals, and fairs, so it may surprise you to find out that hypnosis has been used for years as a viable method of treating phobias and neuroses. In fact many qualified psychiatrists and psychologists have vouched for the method, and incorporate it into their practice to better treat their patients.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy relies on inducing an altered state of mind in a patient to better access their subconscious. The subconscious is considered to be the realm of thought in which phobias and anxieties take root, and these act through the conscious mind to affect our day to day lives. If you have suffered at the hands of a dentist in the past for example, then hypnotherapy can allow you to access and deal with those issues. Similarly if your phobia stems from a more generalised issue, like a fear of the loss of control, then hypnotherapy will involve addressing these problems, and provide you with more far reaching benefits in your day to day life as it can potentially resolve deeper personal issues.

Dental phobia and hypnotherapy

This is not a treatment which is guaranteed to work as the results of hypnotherapy vary hugely from patient to patient. Despite this it can be very successful in treating dental anxiety and easing phobias, and if you feel it is an option worth looking into, then it’s definitely a good idea to have a chat with your dentist or family doctor about it. Rest assured that this option does not involve taking any medication, and the patient cannot be made to do anything against their wishes whilst hypnotised. It can be a very calm and steady way of working through the fear, and will be conducted in a comfortable setting by a professional who is qualified and well versed in the use of hypnotherapy to treat all kinds of conditions, including phobias.

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