Harley Street Acne Treatment


Acne affects most of the population at some stage, usually teenage years, and can refer to a number of skin conditions. The most common of these is acne vulgaris, the condition that most readily springs to mind when acne is mentioned. Although in the majority of instances the problem will resolve itself, in cases where it persists it can cause permanent acne scarring if treatment is not sought. There are numerous methods to treat acne available at Harley Street.

Dermaroller therapy

Dermaroller therapy is generally used to treat the after-effects of acne, including scarring. A dermaroller is a device available only to those surgeons trained in its usage, and it works by making thousands of microscopic incisions in the skin of up to 1.5mm in depth. Typically anaesthesia is applied before treatment. The incisions trigger initial trauma in the skin which leads to the production of new collagens; this process however takes up to six weeks so effects are not immediately visible.

Glycolic peel

Chemical peels, using glycolic acid, work by peeling away the upper layers of dead skin. They are used to deal with various blemishes of the skin including sun damage and wrinkles. The patient feels a mild stinging sensation but the operation is broadly pain-free. It is a desirable procedure as the effects are immediate.


Microdermabrasion is a procedure in which the outermost layer of skin is removed by light abrasion. Like glycolic peel, it involves little pain and no anaesthetic. At Harley Street clinics fine particles of alumina (aluminium oxide) are blown at the skin in order to remove the skin; all the loose particles are then vacuumed up, leaving the skin fresh.

Laser treatment

Laser acne treatment uses cutting-edge technology that operates by stimulating the growth of collagens in the skin. Firstly it kills the acne bacteria responsible for the infection and stops their spread; then it begins to build the collagens. The healing process is rapid and the chances of scarring are greatly reduced.


The main risk of any acne treatment is scarring. However this risk is worth taking, rather than allowing scarring to occur as a natural consequence of lingering acne.

Advantages of Harley Street acne treatment

Although many acne treatments rely on an aggressive approach to the problem involving antibiotics, Harley Street clinics offer the gentler, exacting solutions detailed above. A free consultation with a specialist is offered in order to select the most appropriate treatment for the individual patient.

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