Private Treatment at Harley Street


Treatment in the UK

The United Kingdom stands alongside most other developed countries, the most salient exception being that of the United States, in having a publicly funded health service – the NHS. However increasing numbers of people are opting for private healthcare, in part due to criticism of the service from the media. Recently the length of NHS waiting times caused major controversy and this resulted in some individuals’ questioning its reliability. A survey conducted by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) reveals that while 81.7% of the UK’s health costs are covered by the government by funding the NHS, behind only Norway’s 83.6%, the UK’s life expectancy, physicians per 1000 people and per capita expenditure on health were lower than most of the other developed countries surveyed. Such findings again act as a challenge to the NHS.

Differences & advantages of private care

Private healthcare differs as it is not obliged to adhere to government regulations and health plans. Thus a private clinic must rely on its reputation to ensure it is deemed as trustworthy in the eyes of its patients. Harley Street and its clinics certainly have such high repute.

Costs of treatment at Harley Street

Consequently any individual wishing to use Harley Street’s private facilities must be willing to pay the appropriate price. Naturally the costs vary with the procedure to be undertaken, so a bone marrow transplant will be significantly more costly than a cosmetic operation. However whatever the operation and the cost the quality can often be guaranteed. It is impossible to justify any substantial fee for treatment if the quality of service is not at least on par with that offered by the NHS, so the reputation of Harley Street as offering the very best in treatment validates its charges.

Types of private treatment

Generally on Harley Street the patient will visit a specialist in a specialised clinic. However, there are also private hospitals and private GPs available to suit the more general needs of the individual; these too, just like the specialists, are fully equipped with the latest in technology and know-how and are equally worth visiting.

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