Harley Street Skin Clinics


Harley Street skin clinics offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures aimed to enhance and protect the skin. There are perhaps more skin conditions than most people realise, and Harley Street clinics offer a comprehensive variety of treatments. The clinics also offer treatment for acne and other facial imperfections, including wrinkles and frown lines.

Keloid scars

Keloid scars are characterised by being raised and shiny. They are often itchy and can restrict the movement of skin. They can also exert pressure on surrounding tissues and therefore cause damage to the skin, tendons or muscles. Harley Street clinics offer three treatments: steroid injections (injected around the scar and noted at Harley Street for particular success rates), cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen (in which the scar is temporarily frozen, resulting in a blister and ultimately in healing) and radiofrequency (RF) excision (using radio waves to vaporise tissue fluid, resulting in healing of the scar).


Most women are affected by cellulite to some extent. Harley Street clinics offer a state-of-the-art solution: the medical device known as VelaSmooth. It is non-surgical and non-invasive and works by effectively re-contouring the skin. The tissues are heated by bi-polar radiofrequency and infrared light, resulting in an increase of oxygen to the cells. Thus it increases the metabolism of stored energy and a reduction in size of the fat chamber. Furthermore the fibrous bands surrounding the fat are disrupted, furthering the effectiveness of the treatment.


Hyperpigmentation, often occurring in nails or small patches of skin, is the darkening of a certain area due to increases in the levels of melanin (the skin’s pigmentation agent). Although many patients are men, many women suffering from melasma (when pregnant, known as the ‘mask of pregnancy’) are also treated. Treatment is available for all who suffer any manifestation of the condition. The main procedures offered by Harley Street clinics are amelan (a cosmetic peel repeatedly applied to the affected area over three weeks), laser micro peel (in which a laser is applied to the affected area, which then simultaneously peels off and heals over 3-5 days), cosmetic laser surgery (using a handheld laserscope to treat the condition) and medical microdermabrasion (using a particle spray to remove dead skin cells and release the young skin underneath).

Leg & facial veins

Broken or thread veins can appear as red or purple blemishes under the surface of the skin, and can expand over time to further decrease the aestheticism of the skin. Harley Street clinics again offer cosmetic laser surgery and radiofrequency treatment to deal with the problem, but also can perform IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment (delivering hundreds of wavelengths in a series of bursts of light to break down the problematic tissue) and sclerotherapy (wherein a medicine is injected into the affected blood vessels, resulting in their shrinking). In the case of birthmarks, caused by broken veins on the skin’s surface, cosmetic laser surgery is the most effective treatment to mask their presence.


A condition which affects the skin by reddening, rosacea is often confused with acne. Harley Street skin clinics are equipped with the knowledge to identify the difference and treat the problem effectively. Cosmetic laser surgery and microdermabrasion are both acknowledged treatments but surgeons also offer the SmartXide Deka CO2 laser (using ‘dot resurfacing’ to restructure the skin and solve the problem), the Radiancy whisper laser peel (similar to the micro peel, forces the afflicted area to peel off after a relatively short period of time) and other chemical peels (simply designed to remove the top layer of skin).


Cryotherapy has many risks. It can cause damage to the skin, excess bleeding or even nerve damage. Peels, including micro laser peels, are generally safe and the only real risk is that of discolouration. This is however very rare. The same is also true of microdermabrasion, a predominantly safe technique. There are many potential side effects of cosmetic laser surgery, but most tend to dissipate quickly, such as reddening of the skin as a reaction to being burned. However, this can persist, and discolouration can also occur. Radiofrequency treatment can carry the risk of nerve damage but is mostly safe. It is also possible that the patient may have allergic reactions to steroid injections, in addition to experience skin discolouration, but this is uncommon.

Advantages of Harley Street skin clinics

There are numerous treatments available for most conditions, so the doctor will discuss with the patient the most appropriate procedure. Many of the risks are rendered low at Harley Street due to the quality of the surgeons and equipment. Furthermore many of the advanced procedures undertaken in Harley Street skin clinics are unavailable in many other surgical environments and this propitious combination of cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge makes a Harley Street clinic a wise choice for any skin operation.

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