Harley Street Orthodontists


In addition to cosmetic dentistry, Harley Street also offers orthodontic services. The same distinction exists between NHS cosmetic dentists and private Harley Street dentists as between NHS orthodontists and private Harley Street dentists as far as prices and levels of service go.

What does a Harley Street orthodontist achieve?

The word orthodontics is formed from Greek roots meaning ‘straight’ and ‘tooth’. Although it is typically associated with specific correction of the teeth, it can also extend to general re-alignment of the jaw, with the aim of augmenting facial balance. Patients seek orthodontic help for any issues they may have about the structure of their teeth or jaw.


The most common treatment offered by Harley Street orthodontists is the fitting of braces. The major types of brace are fixed and removable/functional. They can be made out of acrylic, metal or ceramic. Modern braces do not require a metal band to be fitted around each tooth and instead a wire is fixed by brackets around the upper set, lower set or both sets of teeth as appropriate. The type of brace to be fitted is chosen by consultation between the patient and the doctor. Harley Street orthodontists may also fit retainers – wires fixed to the back of the teeth so they are not visible from the front.

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