Allergy Testing in Harley Street


Most people will suffer from an allergy at some point in their life. Although allergy testing is available via the NHS, some choose to have it done privately to ensure thorough testing is undertaken by doctors who are paid to do this specific task. It is useful to have allergy testing done in case of any current or future allergic reaction which could potentially cause a serious health issue.

Allergy testing available at Harley Street

Harley Street clinics test for anaphylaxis (a condition fatal to about 1% of the UK population which can be caused by any allergen), angioedema (rapid swelling of the skin), asthma, contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), eczema, food allergies, hay fever, hypersensitivity, urticaria (skin rashes, also known as hives) and wasp stings. If a patient is diagnosed with any of these problems then he or she will be given comprehensive advice by the doctor on how to avoid any problems, and what to do should any arise. Patient co-operation is crucial when identifying any issues, as past experience and lifestyle habits can prove major factors in allergy treatment and prevent wasteful blind searching for allergens based purely on symptoms.


Symptoms which may prompt a patient to seek allergy testing include darkened areas around the eye sockets, open-mouth breathing, nose blockage, a dry and rough texture of the skin, or itchy eyes. It is highly advisable that if an individual experiences such problems, or even other similar signs of reaction, they ring a clinic immediately and detail the problems. They will then be invited for a consultation and testing session.

Advantages of Harley Street allergy testing

By paying for the consultation and testing, the patient ensures that he or she has all of the doctor’s time necessary to fully diagnose allergies. This is crucial as the time taken in testing can vary greatly and it is important to establish excellent communication between the doctor and patient in diagnosing allergies. Any Harley Street doctor or clinic the patient chooses will be sure to offer the latest in technology and knowledge when it comes to diagnosing allergies, and will certainly have an excellent knowledge of allergology (the study of allergies), qualifying them far above the average tester.

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