Harley Street Sexual Health Clinics


Harley Street sexual health clinics offer STD (sexually transmitted disease), GUM (genitourinary medicine) and general sexual health services to their patients. The reputable doctors offer a range of diagnoses and solutions to any sexual problem the patient is concerned about.

GUM/STD Testing

A Harley Street sexual health clinic provides some of the most reliable GUM and STD testing available, often on an immediate basis. Patient confidentiality and comfort are two of the main tenets doctors adhere to. Should a patient have any reason to suspect either an STD or any sexual difficulty then it is highly advisable to contact a Harley Street sexual health clinic immediately: he or she will be given appropriate tests which will pinpoint the nature of the infection, allowing for treatment. If a patient is unsure then he or she should first contact a clinic to help identify any early signs of infection.


Gonorrhoea is a common STD which, if untreated, can affect joints and heart valves. It can spread through various methods of sexual contact. Symptoms vary depending on the gender of the patient and the part of body which is affected. Infection of the urethra is generally common to both sexes, but infection of the throat usually carries no symptoms. If a patient is diagnosed with gonorrhoea at a Harley Street clinic, further testing is carried out to test the particular resistances of the infection as it can become resistant to antibiotics. Once the resistances have been determined, an injection can be administered to solve the problem.


Chlamydia is another of the most common STDs in the UK. It can lay dormant for years and, if untreated, can lead to damage to the reproductive system. It can spread by any sexual activity with a Chlamydia carrier. Testing is done by a urine sample or a swab from the throat or anus. Once diagnosed, a course of treatment using antibiotics will start to heal the infection.


The occurrence of the STI (sexually transmitted infection) Syphilis has vastly increased over the last five years. It is highly infectious and is caught by sexual contact with a carrier. Symptoms usually involve primary Syphilis; this is the creation of a lesion (a spot of abnormal tissue) on the skin, sometimes undetectable. This can heal and disappear and then lead to secondary Syphilis, characterised by rashes and a general ill feeling. A sample of blood is taken to be tested. If the infection is diagnosed, the typical treatment involves injections of penicillin under local anaesthetic, although new treatments are now available. A Harley Street doctor will discuss these options and will reach a decision with the patient on the best alternative.

Non-specific urethritis (NSU)

NSU is characterised by the body’s bacteria causing an inflammation in the urethra. It can be contracted from unprotected penetrative or oral sex and can result in a discharge or difficulty passing urine. It is tested by a urine test and genital swab and treated with ease by a course of antibiotics.

Genital warts

Genital warts are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus) which, if untreated, can lead to cancer. Once diagnosed by a Harley Street doctor, HPV is treated over a period of time by doses of vaccine as determined by the doctor.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is the most common ulcerative (causing ulcers) STD in the UK. It can be transmitted by any sexual contact. Symptoms usually begin with painful lesions coupled with ill health; usually repeat attacks are less severe. Diagnosis is done visually, sometimes combined with a swab and a blood test to distinguish between strands of Herpes. Although there is currently no way to completely cure genital herpes, treatments involve regular tablet intake to effectively control the infection.

Erectile dysfunction & impotence

An often embarrassing condition that afflicts about 40% of men over 40, erectile dysfunction is treated at Harley Street clinics by first locating the origin of the problem. This can be done over telephone consultation after the patient gives details about their diet and any other health problems they may be facing. The doctor may then prescribe effective treatments from pharmacists.

Advantages of Harley Street sexual clinics

At Harley Street sexual clinics, the doctors are trained to be as confidential and personal as possible. It is entirely possible for a patient to remain anonymous if he or she should so wish. This enables the patient to feel comfortable in disclosing his or her particular condition and makes treatment quicker and more effective. The quality of the diagnosis and course of treatment makes a Harley Street clinic a prime choice.

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