Harley Street Liposelection


Liposelection is a procedure exclusively performed by VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) technology. It is the most advanced fat removal procedure in the world, as well as being more comfortable than traditional surgical liposuction. Broadly speaking it carries the same limitations as regular liposuction in that it is not a permanent weight-loss solution and excessive amounts of fat removed at once can prove dangerous. Furthermore it must be undergone in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise to ensure the operation reaches its potential and the patient is fully satisfied with the results. One of the main advantages of VASER is that the patient is able to get back to his or her daily activities shortly after the operation; the doctor will advise on how long to wait.


Liposelection is able to target specific areas of fat in most areas of the body, from the hips to the chin. It is advisable for the patient to contact the clinic and arrange a consultation to discuss the areas of fat he or she wishes to be removed. The patient is first put under local anaesthetic with sedation. Next, a saline solution fills the area to be treated, numbing it and shrinking blood vessels. This reduces blood loss and bruising. Furthermore it fills the area and makes it wet, conditions which make the VASER treatment more effective. A small probe is then used to transmit sound energy, breaking up fatty tissue as soon as it comes into contact; this also leaves other tissues broadly unaffected. Finally this newly liquefied fat is gently removed by a technique combining suction and massage which is also designed to keep tissue damage to an absolute minimum. Typically procedures last between one and three hours.


Liposelection is less risky than surgical liposuction, due mostly to its exacting precision of tissue removal. Some bruising and bleeding can occur but in far less severity than liposuction. The risk of infection is also far lower due to the minimally invasive nature of VASER, and damage to the internal organs and nerve system are also extremely unlikely. As it causes potentially far less tissue damage than surgical liposuction, the risk of sagging skin after a liposuction operation is negligible; liposelection instead tightens the skin, making the package more complete.

Advantages of Harley Street Liposelection

Only a select few clinics in the world use VASER treatment and it requires competence in its usage. At Harley Street clinics where VASER is available the patient can be assured of this competence should he or she choose to undergo this operation. Due to the quality of the surgeons at Harley Street, the already minimal risks of liposelection are diminished further. All incisions used to remove fat in the procedure are usually small and heal rapidly, resulting in an excellent finished product. Furthermore patient counsellors work together with the surgeons to detail an effective general health and weight loss plan for the patient to further the effects of the operation. This makes a Harley Street clinic a prime selection for a liposelection procedure.

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