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Private versus NHS dentistry

Unlike other health services provided by the NHS, a National Health Service dentist will charge its patient in the majority of cases (there are some exceptions, such as school student or child status). The universal rate for a check-up, including diagnosis, preventive care, X-rays and polish is set at £16.50. The price is cumulative for other treatments, affixing additional costs to this base charge. Private dentistry is more costly, often being over double and in some cases many times the NHS price for the same operation. Consequently it is important to make sure the additional cost is worth the money.

Harley Street Dentists

Harley Street dentists often focus on cosmetic dentistry. As opposed to the routine check-ups and minor preventive work of other dentists, a Harley Street establishment delivers world class treatment for the teeth and the area around the mouth. There are numerous procedures available at Harley Street dentists, each designed to tweak a particular aspect of the teeth and mouth aesthetic. The dentists are often specialised in the particular operation they are to execute on the patient, and the patient may request to see such a specialist.

Basic procedures

Harley Street dentists offer one of the most advanced teeth whitening procedures, Zoom!, which can make teeth up to ten shades brighter. Dental bonding involves coating the enamel with a thin layer of acrylic resin, which can then be molded by the surgeon in order to cover up cracks. Porcelain treatments are expensive but highly sought-after by those wishing for cosmetic dentistry as they can readily be given the same hue as the teeth. Porcelain veneers are used to reduce the appearance of chipped or otherwise damaged teeth and can also help to straighten teeth, and porcelain crowns are used when the damage to a tooth is too great to allow a filling to hold. Bridges, fillings and dentures are also offered, all applied by assistance of the latest technology in mapping out the teeth to allow a perfect fit and a lasting solution to any dental problem.

Other procedures

In the case of a missing tooth or one that has been completely removed, high-quality dental implants are offered. A titanium bolt is screwed into the jawbone through the cavity, and after the surrounding gum area has adapted, a crown can be fitted. This is a perfect way to combat aging and at Harley Street dentists, the state-of-the-art Straumann dental implanter ensures the job is done to perfection. The option exists for the dentist to fit Invisalign invisible braces, ideal for straightening teeth while looking and feeling no different. Finally in order to further reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles and frown lines, Harley Street dentists often provide facial enhancement treatment. This is usually often by the cutting-edge Restylane treatment which bolsters the hyaluronic acid in the skin; this treatment has the immediate effect of countering the signs of aging.

Teeth whitening at Harley Street

If a patient wishes to have his or her teeth whitened at a Harley Street dentist, he or she must first arrange a consultation to ensure that their teeth meet the criteria for this procedure. Generally anybody with healthy teeth and gums is eligible, and if this is not the case then the dentist will detail a plan to improve the health of the teeth area and then to whiten the teeth. There are two methods of whitening the teeth offered by Harley Street dentists. Firstly teeth can be whitened at home: impressions are taken of the teeth and then whitening trays are made in the laboratory. These trays are lined with a whitening agent and then are worn overnight for a period of time which varies depending on the extent of whitening necessary. The second method is in-surgery whitening and there are a number of procedures which can be used. The dentist will select the most appropriate. Typically a protective membrane is placed over the gums, and then a whitening agent is applied to the teeth. The membrane is then removed. The best method for the individual will be chosen by consent between the dentist and patient in consultation, and at a Harley Street dentist the patient can be assured of the most up-to-date knowledge leading to the most appropriate and effective choice.

Advantages of Harley Street dentistry

Although most cosmetic dentistry operations have no lifetime guarantee, Harley Street dentists will ensure the treatment sticks for as long as possible, and inform the patient if there is a risk of the work coming undone in the future, advising them on the most appropriate course of action. It is vital that the patient receive the best quality operation to ensure absolute satisfaction, and no cosmetic dentist can manage this quite like a Harley Street establishment.

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