Harley Street Facelifts


Although some cosmetic facial work is available from Harley Street dentists, a patient will have to visit a specialist facelift clinic for the full job. Patients seek a facelift to either counteract the signs of aging or to enhance any aspects of the face with which the individual is not satisfied. There are three main types of facelift:

Traditional Facelift

First anaesthesia is administered to the patient. Next the surgeon makes incisions, starting at the hairline and going down the front of the ears, then dovetailing up behind the ear. There is an additional option for an incision under the chin in the case that a patient wishes to lift a drooping jawline. Once the skin is slightly lifted, the surgeon can operate on the fat and tissue beneath to reposition the fat or tighten muscles and other connective tissues. The skin is then lifted again, trimmed if necessary, then stitched back into position. The face is then bandaged up, and in some cases tubes are left in the wounds, usually only for a day or two, to allow blood and other fluids to drain into a bag.

MACS (minimal-access cranial suspension)

In this procedure smaller cuts are used. Any sagging tissue is then tightened by a thread which is fixed to the more solid tissue above. The excess skin is then cut away and the wound sutured. Again, drainage tubes can be attached. This method is permanent.

Keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery

Also known as ‘minimally evasive surgery’, this is a surgical technique which has multiple uses for all kinds of operation. For a facelift it works by creating multiple tiny incisions in the skin and then inserting an endoscope (a telescopic tube) which the surgeon can then use to map out the face tissue and work out how best to operate. This method usually has the best recovery times, but is often only used on the upper face or for brow lifts.


Although scarring may seem like the most obvious risk of a facelift, it is less of a problem than most imagine and surgeons can conceal it in the vast majority of cases. Real risks include temporary injury to facial nerves which can result in facial paralysis or difficulty moving the face and problems with skin healing, although this is generally only a problem for individuals who smoke. Crusts and tingling around the incisions are occasional side-effects but these do not last for any significant period of time.

Advantages of Harley Street facelifts

One of the major boons of a Harley Street facelift is the option for a Rhytidectomy (face and neck lift), using similar procedures on the neck and producing a more convincing final effect. Surgeons offer advice to the patient on their eating, drinking and smoking habits prior to surgery to ensure the highest possible level of success. A patient needs to be able to trust in the surgeon and clinic performing the operation so it is comforting to know that all cosmetic surgery is supervised by the UK’s Department of Health, representing reliability at the highest level. Facelifts are offered for both men and women and the technology used is the newest and best available.

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