Harley Street Private Hospitals


King Edward VII Hospital Sister Agnes

A favourite of the royal family with the Queen as its patron, King Edward VII Hospital was founded in 1899 by Agnes and Fanny Keyser for the treatment of Officers returning from the Boer war. It was renamed to King Edward VII Hospital Sister Agnes in 2000 and continues to serve the Armed Forces and veterans. To ensure its level of high quality staff is sustained, most employees of the hospital hold permanent positions. It has been awarded five stars by the FSA (Food Standards Agency)’s ‘Scores on the Doors’, the highest accolade for hygiene. Furthermore its nurse to patient ratio far exceeds that of the national average as detailed by OEMC. Importantly however the hospital does only treat patients of 18 years or older.

The Princess Grace Hospital

Boasting the first high-definition CT (computed tomography) scanner in London, the Princess Grace Hospital is similarly state-of-the-art. It offers a wide range of consultants specialised in areas such as breast cancer, lithotripsy (removal of kidney stones) and oncology. It includes 120 registered beds and a Level 3 Intensive Care and High Dependency Unit. The consultant who admits the patient will then continue to assume overall control of the treatment, keeping the patient up-to-date with changes by remaining in close contact with the healthcare team assigned to the individual; consultants are available 24 hours every day. There are eight operating theatres, including a robotic surgery suite.

The Portland Hospital for Women and Children

As the name suggests this is the only private hospital in London to deal exclusively with women and children. It is owned by the HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), the largest private healthcare company in the world, and is one of the foremost obstetrics (maternity) specialist institutions in the UK. Established in 1983, the Portland Hospital for Women and Children offers a range of services to patients and outpatients alike including Audiology and Imaging. It boasts an impressive average of three or four patients to every nurse, contrasting favourably with the national average of approximately ten (OEMC); in critical areas, such as NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and the Labour Ward, this is one-on-one, a deciding factor in the selection of this hospital.

The Harley Street Clinic

A major focal point of all Harley Street practice, the Clinic provides 90 standard beds and an additional 22 critical care beds for all ages. Although the recent installation of a dedicated oncology unit (the Harley Street Cancer Centre) has taken prominence, the Clinic’s considerable reputation for dealing with Cardiac issues, Neurosciences and Paediatrics is not to be ignored. The staff endeavours to give the patient the easiest possible stay and issue a welcome pack to ensure full preparation and understanding before admission. One of the major advantages of the Harley Street Clinic is its number of interpreters who ensure that most language differences do not erect a barrier to excellent health treatment. The Clinic is also a member of the HCA and has been endowed with Hospitality Assured standards for service and business excellence.

The London Clinic

The London Clinic offers over 270 beds, and much like the Princess Grace Hospital 24-hour consultant availability. Established in 1932 by doctors from Harley Street, it maintains this link by continuing to offer consultancy on the street, even though the main building is slightly removed. As the largest privately owned non-profit hospital in the UK, it includes twelve operating theatres with myriad functions. Whilst it continues to offer high-end oncology and haematology services, it has recently opened a specialised cutting-edge cancer facility which showcases the CyberKnife, a ground-breaking robotic radiosurgery system.

Harley Street at UCH

A little further afield than the other five hospitals, Harley Street at UCH is devoted entirely to the treatment of cancer. It is a product of a prosperous collaboration between the Harley Street Clinic and the University College Hospital and has provided a superlative standard of cancer treatment since its inception in 2006. The award-winning facility is registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and specialises in haematological (of the blood), primary bone and soft tissue cancers. It includes a dedicated transplant team and treats over 3500 new cancer patients every year. As with all hospitals linked to Harley Street, Harley Street at UCH makes patient care their number one priority and offers ‘holistic’ treatment which including dietary advice on how to combat cancer. It is also a prominent member of the NLCN (North London Cancer Network) and in co-operation with its fellows works tirelessly on new ways to fight the disease.

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