Harley Street Oncology Clinics


Oncology is the study and treatment of tumours and cancer. Cancer generally forms a tumour but some types, including leukaemia, do not. Harley Street oncology clinics offer an approach to the best treatment available that focuses on the individual. It is important that the patient is as comfortable and otherwise healthy as possible while undergoing cancer treatment and Harley Street oncology clinics endeavour to provide treatment suites to instil this comfort in the patient. From the suite the patients have access to the internet and TV and they will remain here during treatment; this is part of a holistic approach to cancer treatment that has resulted in great successes.


Due to the large number of cancer variants, it is important to identify the specific disease afflicting the patient.  At a Harley Street oncology clinic the latest technology is used to make all the relevant patient’s records readily accessible and ensure that the diagnosis is accurate. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computer tomography) scanners construct a 3D visualisation of the affected area, allowing the diagnosis and subsequent treatment to be highly accurate. All this information is collated by powerful software which allows the doctors to understand the condition and its particular effect on the patient and then to plan out the most effective course of treatment. Furthermore the chance of variables, such as drug intake or other health problems, which can skew diagnoses and treatments, are negated.


Harley Street oncology clinics provide highly advanced cancer treatment. As they use international protocols which do not always strictly agree with the UK’s national guidelines on treatment and drug provision, these clinics are able to offer a different kind of service from all NHS and most private outfits. However, all drugs used in treatments do have the international approval and have a considerable history of testing, so all the potential side effects are well documented. The doctors will explain the potential complications when consulting with a patient on the best course of action to fight his or her cancer. As there are myriad forms of cancer, there are also numerous treatments available at Harley Street clinics. However the most common are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and biological therapy. The individual or combination of treatments a Harley Street doctor recommends is based on the type and stage of the cancer.


Often used in conjunction with either radiation therapy or chemotherapy, surgery involves the surgical removal of as much of the tumour or cancerous tissue as possible. The latest technology, available at Harley Street, is the CyberKnife which is capable of extremely precision in this operation.


Chemotherapy works by the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells. It is a rapid, whole-body treatment that is most commonly, though not always, given by injection or pill. Combinations of drugs may be used to achieve the best effect.

Radiation Therapy

In this procedure, energy is used to damage the DNA of cancer cells, and obviate their reproduction. Usually cancer cells die as, unlike other cells which will regenerate if damaged, they are highly sensitive to radiation.


Immunotherapy works by stimulating the body’s immune system to reject cancer. This can be achieved two ways, either by immunisation or by use of drugs. The immune system then destroys the cancerous cells.

Biological/targeted therapy

This procedure works by attacking the tumour or cancerous region. It can either block the cancer’s biological processes or cut off its blood supply. Both methods usually result in the death of the cancer. However, this is a rarer treatment as it is only effective on a few types of cancer.

Advantages of Harley Street Oncology

The proven holistic approach of Harley Street oncology clinics, combined with state-of-the-art technology and treatment methods, results in a high level of success in treating cancer. From the symptoms to the diagnosis to the treatment the focus of a Harley Street oncology clinic and its employees is the patient’s general wellbeing.  The highly-trained doctors and surgeons  ensure that the technology is put to the best possible use and that the patient receives some of the best quality cancer treatment in the world.

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