How to Book an Appointment with a Harley Street Clinic



One step to take in booking an appointment with a Harley Street clinic is to use an online treatment enquiry form on the clinics website. This system is useful for any individual who is not entirely sure of the treatment they require and will ensure a helpful response from relevant, qualified doctors and specialists or their teram. Contact is usually made by phone or email.

By phone/post

It is possible to directly book an appointment with a clinic by first locating the clinic suitable to the problem. This can be done easily online. Full contact details, including phone number and address, are available and it is advisable to book a preliminary consultation before an appointment. This does however require the patient to have a firm idea of the treatment he or she needs.

By Specialist

Alternatively, patients are invited to search for a particular clinic or specialist relevant to their problem or concern. It becomes the responsibility of the patient to do the necessary research on the specialist and then get in touch by phone or email. Although each of the doctors and experts are registered on the General Medical Council (GMC)’s List of Registered Medical Practitioners, Harley Street establishments nonetheless exhort the patient to check the specialist of their choice against this record. This information is easily accessible online. It is however highly advisable to locate the most appropriate specialist; this can be a time-saving endeavour. Various specialties require further qualifications and training, and it is up to you to explore the background a Harley Street clinic and its professional staff.

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