Gonorrhoea Discharge

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The most common symptom of gonorrhoea is discharge. This is because the bacteria affect your mucus membranes so there is excess discharge in the places infected. Both men and women can experience discharge from the infection.  For men, you will usually have a white to green coloured discharge from the urethra and you may experience anal discharge if you have been infected in that area. Women may also experience anal discharge and an increase in vaginal discharge. This may also vary in colour from white to green. However, vaginal discharge is a symptom of other infections such as a yeast infection therefore discharge may not always point towards a gonorrhoeal infection.

Where else can you get discharge?

If you have a gonorrhoea infection elsewhere then discharge is apparent in that area. If you have an infection of the throat then a white discharge can be a symptom of gonorrhoea. Also, if you have an eye infection caused by the gonorrhoea bacteria, then you might exhibit a discharge that varies in colour and can appear pus like.

The discharge that a gonorrhoea infection causes is the easiest way in which the infection is spread. If you come into intimate contact with these fluids then the infection is passed on.  Therefore it is important to always be protected during sexual intercourse.

Does discharge cause any pain?

Although the discharge does not cause any pain, it can be uncomfortable as it can cause itching and irritation. Also the discharge has a distinct odour, which can add to your discomfort.  For many, discharge is one of the most embarrassing symptoms of Gonorrhoea as it can make you uncomfortable in your genital area.

Will treatment cure the discharge?

Treatment with antibiotics will rid you of this symptom within a few days of taking the drugs as the antibiotics aim to kill the bacteria infecting the mucosal membranes. Once the bacteria have been successfully terminated from the membranes then the excess discharge should clear up.

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