Gonorrhoea Treatment

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Treatment for gonorrhoea involves antibiotics and 90-95% of the time it can be cured. It is usually a treatment prescribed after a consultation with a doctor – a typical outpatient treatment. And for many people this is the case. Men will almost always be treated via outpatient treatment but for some women, simply prescribing antibiotics is not enough as complications are a bigger risk in women. Therefore sometimes, treatment of the disease involves hospitalisation so the antibiotics can be given intravenously.

It is important that whatever antibiotic treatment that is prescribed is taken for the full course for resistance to antibiotics is made easier for bacteria when people forget to take the full treatment. Treatment for gonorrhoea will get rid of the symptoms but they can’t repair the damage that has already been done so the quicker you notice the symptoms, the quicker you should get a consultation and the better the outcome of the treatment.

History of treatment

Gonorrhoea has always been treated with antibiotics, which have been relatively successful. Penicillin was the main antibiotic used to treat the infection but the bacteria developed a resistance and overcame its effects. Fluroquinones were also used up until recently as they have become less effective against the bacteria also. Now it is suggested that a group of antibiotics called cephalosporin’s should solely be used to treat the infection and so far so good.

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