How can Gonorrhoea be Prevented?

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As gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease, there will always be a risk that you can be infected with it if you are sexually active. But reducing its risk isn’t impossible as there are a number of ways that you can protect yourself from becoming infected. And they are actually quite simple.

The best way to protect yourself from gonorrhoea is to always wear a condom in any form of sexual contact as you are literally putting a barrier between yourself and the infection. A bonus is that you are also protecting yourself from any other sexually transmitted infection. Other methods of birth control will not protect you from contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

Another way, although it is by far the least popular is abstinence from sex. If you do not partake in the method of infection than you cannot get infected via sexual contact. The risk of being infected by gonorrhoea is also reduced if you are in a monogamous relationship where both partners have been tested and neither have other partners.

Communication is also a key way of reducing the risk of infection because if you can talk to your partner about sexually transmitted infections openly then you can ensure that you are not at risk with them.  If you are aware of the risks of gonorrhoea and other sexually transmitted infections then you are sure to be more careful.

It is very important that if you feel you may be displaying symptoms of gonorrhoea that you refrain from sexual contact until your doctor gives you the all clear. It is also important that if you feel your partner may be showing signs of an infection that you do not have sexual relations and urge them to get tested. If you do find you have an infection then you must not have sexual intercourse until you are completely healthy again. This stops the infection from spreading and infecting even more people than it already does.

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