Gonorrhoea Treatment on the NHS

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If you have a suspected case of Gonorrhoea then the NHS provide services, which can help you deal with the infection and easily get treatment. It is best if you visit your local  NHS GUM sexual health clinic as they can offer free treatment and offer advice on safe sex. You do not have to be referred by a doctor in order to visit one of these clinics and you will always be seen by a doctor who can diagnose you. They can then give you the correct treatment for Gonorrhoea, which will involve a course of antibiotics and offer advice on how to prevent yourself from being reinfected in the future.  Every treatment carried out is confidential and only carried out with your permission.

Also, the NHS provide free services at these clinic where they will retest you in the future if you believe you may have been reinfected with Gonorrhoea or if your symptoms have not disappeared. They will also perform Chlamydia tests to ensure that you are not infected with other sexually transmitted infections.

What about treatment of sexual partners?

As Gonorrhoea is passed through sexual contact then any partners you have had recently are at risk of a Gonorrhoea infection. The NHS offers a service to ensure they are tested and treated also.  Some GUM clinics will send your partner a letter explaining that they may be at risk of Gonorrhoea as they have been exposed to the infection recently and it advises them to visit their local GUM clinic for a test. It is completely confidential so your name will not appear on this letter.  It is strongly advised that you tell your partner yourself about the risk they have of being infected with Gonorrhoea but if not then the notification letter will let them know without involving you.

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